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Elias Schaut


Web/Bot Developer • Creative Project Manager • Software Designer • Passionate Programmer

    Hey, I’m Elias and I would describe myself as a social optimist. It's my mission to spread positivity wherever I go, which is precisely why I'm a regular face at various social gatherings. As a passionate web and bot developer, I'm constantly creating ways to enhance the fun and productivity of the communities I'm involved in.
    • Elementary School Jahn- and Schillerschule Brühl

    • A Levels Moll Gymnasium Mannheim

    • Computer Science B.Sc. KIT Karlsruhe


    Technical Skills

    Typescript Vue.js Nuxt NestJS tailwindcss Bootstrap GraphQL Prisma PostgreSQL SQLite Prettier Node.js NPM GitHub GitLab Git Discord discord.js JavaScript Java Python C Godot Engine Debian Raspberry Pi Windows Microsoft Office LaTeX WebStorm

    Soft Skills

    Creative event planning Organizational talent Team player Communicative Project management Mentoring Socially energetic Overmotivated

    Other Skills

    Computer games Piano Trumpet
    • Lila Pause - FSMI O-phase group

      Volunteer welcome & introduction of first-year students. Also weekly regulars' tables with occasional specials. Main organizer since 2020.

    • eezi - Eine Einführung zum Informatikstudium

      Tutor & HiWi work to support first-year students.

    • Akk - Arbeitskreis Kultur und Kommunikation

      Volunteer weekly serving work at the Culture Café.

    • HaDiKo Veranstaltungen e.V. Department K2

      Voluntary association work and finances for countless social events.

    • HaDiKo e.V.

      Voluntary association work in the occupancy committee, roof top ministry, billiard ministry and work group public work. In addition, numerous voluntary hallway work for finances, the beverage ministry, hallway cleaning, hallway eating and hallway tournaments.

    • FSMI - Math & Computer Science Student Council

      Voluntary office hours and support at events. Responsibility for the student council breakfast.

    • Activities Mannheim

      Member of the pupil advisory board of the Technoseums Mannheim 2015-2016. Pupil studying for two semesters at the University of Mannheim 2018. Participation in the brass orchestra of the music school. One-time participation in "Jugend musiziert" as piano accompaniment.

    • Activities Moll Gymnasium

      Participation in various orchestras/choirs every school year, from 2014 including mentor work. Robotics AG with FLL participation. Project manager during the project days about music history 2015.